How to promote off-plan property investments in 2019

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2018 has been a bit of a tough year for developers and real estate investment agents when it comes to generating good quality sales leads for investments. Competition is fierce, Brexit is making investors nervous and GDPR has forced companies to test different forms of marketing (which is fruitful for those with a knowledgeable marketing team but can be costly if you’re not sure what you’re doing).


The good news is that 2019 brings the opportunity for a fresh approach to your marketing. We will be bringing you a series of helpful articles to kick-start and inspire your marketing strategy, which are specifically written to help Real Estate companies.


Let’s look at the problem

Whatever form of marketing you choose, website landing pages are still the main focus for generating leads for real estate investments. When you visit a website page promoting an off-plan buy-to-let investment, you typically find attractive statistics about the local rental demand, a demonstrable growing economy in that city, examples of a strong rental yield and consecutive capital growth year on year.


All essential (and attractive) information for potential investors. But what makes your investment stand out from the other 5 or 6 off-plan developments in the same city (which can also boast those same attractive property market facts)?


Let’s look at what makes you different.


Your reputation

If you are a real estate investment agent selling units on behalf of a developer, you should start by demonstrating your own reputation and expertise in the industry. Use key facts about your business activity in recent years that will help establish trust in your company, such as…


  • How many clients have you helped buy UK investment property in the last 5 years?
  • What percentage of those clients stay with you to buy more investments?
  • What is the total value of property you have helped clients purchase?


Also consider the value that buying through a real estate investment agent brings to an investor. Are you demonstrating this value clearly on your landing page? Think about what your previous clients have really appreciated about your service. These might include…


  • The additional level of due diligence you bring to the table when it comes to researching a particular investment (ultimately helping reduce risk).
  • The support you provide to the client at all stages of research and purchase, making the entire process smoother and less stressful.
  • Opening doors to investment opportunities that might be difficult to find without you.


The developer’s reputation

You can double the positive impression you make on potential investors by detailing the developer’s reputation alongside your own.


Whilst the financials and key features of an off-plan buy-to-let investment need a prominent position on your marketing, don’t underestimate the power of a strong, demonstrable track record from the developer. This should be included on the landing page.


  • How many previous projects has the developer completed in recent years in the same location?
  • How many years they have been developing large scale projects for, and what is their area of specialism (ie. Professional buy-to-let apartments in central city locations)?
  • How quickly did the previous developments sell out?


Keep the facts as relevant as possible (ie. in the same location as the current development if possible, and talk about the same type of development).


Once you have made the statistics and features on your landing page ‘too hard to argue with’, you need to take a closer look at your approach and interaction with potential clients.


Make your approach more personal

Adding ‘a face’ to your business will automatically make you stand out from competitors and will also make you more approachable. The property investment industry has seen a few horror stories over the last 5 years, and trust is something that cannot be created simply from just one web page full of text. Put yourself in the shoes of an investor who has never heard of your company before. What would attract you to make an enquiry?


  • Invite prospective investors to meet you (and the developer if possible).
  • Give them a tour of the development site and previously completed development projects.
  • Invite them to connect on Linkedin (which will help demonstrate your professional reach, and if they don’t buy on this occasion they are in your social network for future promotions).


Give added value

We all love super hot leads, fact. But don’t make the mistake of asking for personal information too early in the sales funnel.


The majority of visitors to a website landing page about a particular development are looking for further information. Simply listing key features then asking for an email and phone number (without offering any sort of added value) will not help conversion numbers. Start looking at ways of demonstrating the ideas listed above before asking for information from potential investors. For example:


  • Create a short video of your company interviewing the developer as you walk around either the site, or a previously completed project.
  • Create an in-depth PDF guide about the property market of that particular city.
  • Invite them to chat further about the investment on platforms that won’t require them to give away their email address straight away (eg. Linkedin, a Property Forum, or use an Online Chat support feature on your landing page).


People don’t want to be sold to. If you demonstrate your value, your skills and your reputation well enough, the best quality leads will come to you naturally. An ongoing brand awareness campaign is also vital for this.


Ultimately, make the most of your time and money with a targeted, clear, marketing strategy. For more help, tips and guidance on how (and where) to advertise within the real estate industry, contact White Finch today.