White Finch announced as official distributor for Property TV products

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With demand at an all-time high from property industry businesses wanting to appear on Property TV, specialist media agency White Finch has been appointed as the official distributer for Property TV products to help service new clients.

As todays businesses gain a better understanding of the power of video and film, Property TV’s suit of products (including corporate videos, commercials, educational TV programmes and social media videos) have soared in popularity, as they lead the market in providing innovative and impactful marketing solutions.

White Finch has partnered with Property TV to help service the bespoke needs of new clients, taking time to guide them through the wealth of options available and match them to a Property TV product that will have the right impact for their brand. With the range of editorial and commercial opportunities available, a dedicated client service was needed to fully understand the goals of each individual client. This is what White Finch excels at and is why they were the perfect choice for Property TV to partner with.

Along with purely editorial programme features, Property TV’s offering includes:

• Advertising campaigns

• Corporate videos

• Social media videos

• Bespoke TV/online shows

About Property TV:

Property TV is dedicated to the topic of ‘property’ and includes the wider topics of investment and lifestyle. They create, package and distribute news, entertainment, commercials and corporate content on their multiple platforms in the UK and further afield. Tune into Sky Channel 189 to watch original prime Property TV content every night from 9-11pm.

About White Finch:

White Finch are a specialist media agency for the property industry. Clients love their bespoke approach to marketing, hand selecting tailored advertising products from across the property industry that will perform best for their specific business. The team behind White Finch have decades of experience within the property industry and fully understand the challenges and regulations involved with marketing investment products.

Contact details:

To find out more about any of the Property TV products listed above, you can contact White Finch directly on [email protected] or book a call here.