Demonstrating that you are a property industry expert on TV isn’t as scary as you might think…

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The thought of appearing in front of a camera can be extremely daunting for most people, and when you mention TVthe fear factor can go up even higher. But the reality is far from the nerve-wracking experience you might expect. Take a look behind the scenes of a recent filming day at Property TV (Sky Channel 189) to see how it really works (and whether you might want to give it a go yourself!). 

The first misconception is that TV is filmed live. It isnt. The huge variety of programmes on Property TV are all filmed well in advance. This allows for an unlimited amount of retakes and cuts so there is no pressure to get it right first time, as even the most experienced presenters can fluff their lines. You will find that throughout a days filming you become more relaxed and it becomes easier to talk more naturally. 

Another common concern is that you are not only in front of several cameras, but also in front of a live audience or a huge room full of hundreds of crew. This isnt the case either. Property TV operates a small, expert team, who are incredibly supportive and encouraging. They are used to dealing with nerves and have years of expertise to help you come across at your very best on camera. They dont use live audiences on their sets, so even though your TV appearance will be seen by thousands when it airs, you wont have any added pressure of more people looking at you on filming day. 

Lastly, you will always be given plenty of time to prepare the topics you will be talking about on a show well in advance. If, for example, you were to appear as an industry expert on Property TVs flagship programme Property Question Time, you would be sent your questions well in advance to allow you time to fully prepare your answers. You dont read from a script, but you can often have some bullet point notes to prompt you. With Property Question Time, you also sit alongside two other experts which works well to encourage a natural flow of conversation where you support each other. If its your first time on TV, this format is slightly less daunting as you sit alongside others in the same boat.  

In summary, appearing on TV is infact a very enjoyable day, an excellent networking opportunity, and the end result is a priceless piece of TV exposure that makes a huge impact to your brand. White Finch are currently looking for property industry experts to appear in upcoming episodes of Property Question Time on Property TV. To find out more and to receive a media pack please get in touch with us directly: [email protected]