10 ways to nurture your recent property investment leads

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Lead generation today is very different to how it was 10 years ago. The mindset of potential investors is different, where we look for (and find) leads is different, therefore it’s inevitable the way we approach them has to change too.

With the ups and downs of the property market, investors are understandably more cautious about where they place their hard-earned cash. They have a very in-depth approach to researching any potential property investment, whilst also comparing the reputation and track record of the developers and agents they can choose to invest through.

What this means for property investment agents and developers, is that enquiries that come through the door can initially be speculative…. but this doesn’t mean they don’t have a genuine intent to buy. It simply means (and rightly so) that they are at a stage when they are doing their research and comparing their options. Being too aggressive on the sales approach at this stage won’t win you customers. How you handle a speculative lead from enquiry point forwards will determine how likely you are to convert them to a customer.

Don’t forget, the lead has enquired to find out more… not to immediately purchase an investment. So, if they don’t ‘sign on the dotted line’ after 48 hours it certainly doesn’t mean they are a time waster. The contact you have with them should be very helpful and nurturing, providing great content about the investment and its location whilst showcasing why they should invest through your company.

There are a number of ways you can maintain contact with a lead, (or re-engage with a lead that has gone quiet) without repetitively asking “What did you think of the investment brochure we sent across?”. Every touch point with the lead should be different and should offer great value.

Here are 10 approaches you can use to re-engage with a lead about your property investment:

  • We’ve just produced this in-depth guide to investing in Liverpool. Based on your previous enquiry about our investment in the same area, I thought this might be of interest to you?
  • This short video is a case study of 5 clients who have invested with us over the last few years, I thought it would be a great insight for you if you are still considering us for a suitable investment this year.
  • I thought you might like to see an overview of the key financials for this recently completed development in Manchester. This project was built by the same developer as the investment you recently enquired about with us.
  • We are running an ‘investors day’ at our latest investment project in Liverpool which is the perfect opportunity to meet the developer, view the site and the area (and to network with other investors considering the same investment). I wondered if you might be interested in coming along?
  • I know it’s been 3 months since you enquired about investing in our latest development, but I wanted to keep you updated on the availability for investors (just incase you are still on the look out for the right investment). The uptake has been strong and there are now only 35 units left.
  • Our Investment Manager has just produced this video. It’s a guide to due diligence when choosing a potential property investment. It’s based on his 25 years of expertise. I thought you might find it useful.
  • We’ve just compiled rental statistics for the major cities in the north. I thought you would find this useful as you’ve been considering investment property there.
  • I’m in your area this Friday, would you be interested in meeting for a coffee? It would be great to introduce myself face-to-face and understand more about where you are with your property investment search?
  • Here’s our summary of the latest buy-to-let property news from across the UK. It shows the latest ‘hot spots’ and average purchase and rental prices, which you might find helpful if you are still looking for a buy-to-let.
  • We work closely with Smith&Co who offer great tax-saving advice for new landlords. They have just produced this tax-saving guide especially for our audience. I hope you find it helpful.

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